Land's End Beach EP

by Starlight y Los Farolitos

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Recorded Summer of 2012 in San Francisco, CA *


released January 17, 2013

Sung, written, and produced by Starlight*

Engineered and co-produced by Eric Moffat

Los Farolitos :
Contrabass (Plucked and Bowed) - Bill Noertker
Drums and Percussion - Dave Mihaly

Featuring Guest Farolitos :
Pedal Steel - Tom Heyman
Violin - Autumn Turley

Mixed and Mastered by Eric Moffat at Unsound, San Francisco

Album Cover Art by Marián Bardal

Custom Header "Shoes" Photo by Brian Walker



all rights reserved


Starlight y Los Farolitos San Francisco, California

Welcome to
Land's End Beach *

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Track Name: Carolina, Magdelena
the whippoorwill sends a chill through the mountain turning in straight on through the canyon and out again.

so will you write? or send a note?
scribble sunsets and inkblot moons on the corner of the postcard if there's any room ...

now carolina, desdemona, is this real?
and is it all that you want?
magdelena, desert feeler, sing to me ...
i'm so pent up.

but carolina ... come inside. tonight i might like to get it right.

the stolen change. the wind and rain. the clang in my pockets where all these pennies shake as I clamor down the boardwalk like a hurricane.

through tired lights and dirty streets ... the city brags of that same old misery as my feet quickstep the pavement in a blur of heat.

now carolina, when you find a mystery ... and i start showin' up.
you won't know what magdelena means to me, and you don't know what she does.

but carolina ... come inside. tonight i just might like to finally get it right.

carolina ... come inside. oh tonight i just might die to finally get it right.

lyrics copyright 2012 Starlight*
Track Name: A Light, a Pen, and a Cigarette
hey you with your sad eyes and your salty skin.
i kept my mouth shut 'bout how surprised i was when you wandered in.
now i'm down on the road with a lavender rose tucked 'tween my lips.
and i feel so much that i just don't know what to do with it.

hey you with your prickly eyes and your wispy breath.
babe why does it seem ... each time that you fade out that i fade in?
all the choirs of light on this drunken midnight cry in brave suspense.
it's a long, slow road that takes you back home then out again.

there's too much water to drink, and i can't help coming back for more.
too much water to drink, and i can't help coming back to pour.

hey you with your pursed lips, your ruby hips, and all your accidents.
babe why does it seem ... each time that you fade out that i fade in?
now i'm down on my hands with a light and a pen and a cigarette ...
and i wanna get close, but i just don't know how close i'll get.

lyrics copyright 2012 Starlight*
Track Name: Daisy and the Full Moon
She said,
"There's too much in my heart it just can't fit.
That's why I'm lyin' round waitin' and wond'rin' what to do with it ... "
Now babe some days you're gonna feel like this :
with your heart 'tween your hands and the heartache in your hips.

So when your low-down lovely footsteps hit the street,
a cool wind comes blows leaves all 'round your feet,
like Ramblin' Hearts that stumble into the Beat,
while the Muse and the Tune and the Blues keep you company.

Now the Full Moon shows up everywhere you walk,
like she's cryin' from the sky tryin' to get a point across,
and most ways you wind up feelin' lost,
that's 'round 'bout the time that the Full Moon drags you off ...

She staggers you in to the bar-room then sits you down.
She shines a light in every corner 'til the rest of the bar fills out.
Then she says, "Daisy, it's got too loud to shout ...
so let me come and whisper to you I got so much to tell you now ...


Now Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do.
There's a whole lotta life we ain't not yet got to.
And if I'm feelin' sad and blue,
Daisy, I wake up feelin' sad and blue and that ain't nothin' new."

You see the Full Moon stays out late straight past dawn,
and the Player Piano just keeps playin' on,
and Daisy sometimes everything feels wrong,
but babe let's do it we can move it we can make it to another song.

So bring the music back and call up all the band,
Daisy I think you can be the Queen of all my dyin' lands.
Most things we'll never understand.
Like this moment when we got it and another one breakin' in.
Like this moment when it's here and another one about to begin.
Kinda like your heart between my hands beside your hips.
Like this moment when it happens and another one about to end.

lyrics copyright 2012 Starlight*
Track Name: The Sitting Room
all night waitin' in the sitting room.
babe ain't nothin' else to do.
them midnight gamblers sure play hard.
when the waitress screams out, "oh my god!"

with the candles lit the shadows split.
and you're sittin' there and waitin' for the music to hit.
the shadows grow and the people moan.
babe that's what it feels like in the sitting room.

"oh my god!"

a door slams shut the shadows look up.
you keep your head bowed down keep counting your luck.
the shadows play a dirty game, but you're stuck there waitin' and playin' the same.

a table flops and the cards all fly.
now everybody's won'drin' who'll be next to die.
a tall, lank cowboy turns around.
then another table flops another table down.

and it's alright.
the wall's about to fall.
it feels just fine when no one feels at all.
she'll pick you up then set you down where you are.
it's alright.
babe it's like a heartbeat dyin' to be born.
babe it's like a heartbeat bangin' down the door.

she'll pick you up then set you back down right where you are.
babe it's like a heartbeat bangin' down the door.
babe it's like a heartbeat dying to be born.

it's alright.

lyrics copyright 2012 Starlight*