Carolina, Magdelena

from by Starlight y Los Farolitos



the whippoorwill sends a chill through the mountain turning in straight on through the canyon and out again.

so will you write? or send a note?
scribble sunsets and inkblot moons on the corner of the postcard if there's any room ...

now carolina, desdemona, is this real?
and is it all that you want?
magdelena, desert feeler, sing to me ...
i'm so pent up.

but carolina ... come inside. tonight i might like to get it right.

the stolen change. the wind and rain. the clang in my pockets where all these pennies shake as I clamor down the boardwalk like a hurricane.

through tired lights and dirty streets ... the city brags of that same old misery as my feet quickstep the pavement in a blur of heat.

now carolina, when you find a mystery ... and i start showin' up.
you won't know what magdelena means to me, and you don't know what she does.

but carolina ... come inside. tonight i just might like to finally get it right.

carolina ... come inside. oh tonight i just might die to finally get it right.

lyrics copyright 2012 Starlight*


from Land's End Beach EP, released January 17, 2013



all rights reserved


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